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Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)   We really we not sure we could do this mountain. Not because its hard (the slope would be over 30-degrees), or because its cold (temperature around -20F), but because we were expected to ascend almost 7,000’ … Continue reading

Kenya - Mt Kenya 43

Kenya. Hiking Mt. Kenya (16,355′) – the summit and descent

To the summit Day 4 – to Austria Hut, 4800m  Due to the cold, I was unable to get a night-shot of the scene, but it was beautiful. I awoke around 3am to see that our tent was about 3” … Continue reading

Kenya - Mt Kenya 4 'great valley'

Kenya. Hiking Mt. Kenya (16,355′) – The approach and lowlands

We decided we would hike Mt. Kenya, partially per advice of a friend (same friend who recommended El Karama, thanks Sarah Lee!), and partly because I thought it would be a great altitude warm up for Kilimanjaro. My mom has … Continue reading