We spent just about 3 weeks in Nepal.  We came to this country mostly to hike in the biggest mountains in the world, but also to check out some of the oldest cultures.
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Butterflies of Nepali Himalaya

Just some little guys we found along the way:


Nepal – Pokhara and Kathmandu

October 11 in Pokhara.  We rented a canoe and Griffin paddled us around the lake.  We saw monkeys jumping in the trees, even more butterflies, and lots of other people out on the lake doing the same thing.  We also … Continue reading

Poon hill - view of Dhaulagiri

Nepal Trek Day 16. Gorepani to Pokhara; Poon Hill side trek

Elevation gain/loss:  8,700’ to 10,500’ (+1,800’); 10,500’ to 3,500’ (-7,000) at Nayapol Estimated miles: 18km Time: 5am-6pm We awoke early to join the steady stream of trekkers and day hikers heading up to Poon Hill for sunrise.  It felt much like being … Continue reading

transporting cargo

Nepal Trek Day 15. Shika to Gorepani

Elevation gain:  6,300’ to 8,700’ (+2,400’) Estimated miles: 10km Time: 10am-2pm We slept in… again.  It is nearing the end of our trek and we knew we were not hiking past Gorepani, as that is where the trailhead to Poon … Continue reading


Nepal Trek Day 14. Tatopani to Shika

Elevation gain:  3,904’ to 6,300’ (+2,400’) Estimated miles: 8km Time: 12:30pm-5pm After our wet and long day yesterday we decided to sleep in a bit, and wait for our clothes and packs to dry. Everything was wet it seemed.  And … Continue reading

getting un-stuck

Nepal Trek Day 13. Jomson to Tatopani

Elevation loss:  (Ghasa-Tatopani) 6,594’ to 3,904’ (-2690’) Estimated miles: 15km/10m Time: 6:30am/3:30pm-6pm We woke up early in Jomson with the hope of taking a Jeep to Tatopani, where the  famed hot springs are located.  This was a long  distance but was … Continue reading

huge river valley

Nepal Trek Day 12. Muktinath to Jomson

Elevation loss: 12,336’ to 8,924’ (3,412’) Estimated miles: 20km Time: 10:30am-5:30pm We slept in a bit due to the incident the night before, and got somewhat of a late start. Although we still made it over 10 miles for the day … Continue reading

why he is shirtless i cannot say

Nepal Trek Days 10 and 11. Throng Phedi to Muktinath (and over the pass!)

Elevation gain:  14,600’ to 17,769’ to 12,336’ (+3,169’; -5,433’) Estimated miles: 13km Time: 4:30am-3pm We decided to stay in Throng Phedi for a day to acclimatize.  This was probably the best decision we had made so far, as I really … Continue reading

large wilderness

Nepal Trek Day 9. Gunsang to Throng Phedi

Elevation gain:  12,800’ to 14,600’ (+1,800’) Estimated miles: 15km Time: not sure We awoke with the plan of making to the Ledar for the night, which was not too far away.  As we ate an early breakfast we watched clouds move in … Continue reading

mountain tops

Nepal Trek Day 8. Manang to Gunsang

Elevation gain:  11,614’ to 12,800’ (+1,186’) Estimated miles: 3km Time: not sure, but not long Around 3am our headaches finally went away; Griffin may have fared better than I did as his was not as bad to begin with.  After … Continue reading