Road Trips

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Ski trip 2013 28

The great west road and ski trip 2013

I left San Diego in a rush.  I had to get north to Griffin in Palmdale (where he was working), and continue onto Bridgeport, CA where we would spend the night, since Tahoe in one day was too long of … Continue reading

AZ 2011 trip img22 Grand Canyon

Arizona – mountain hiking

A lovely road trip to Arizona in 2011.  I cannot remember why we decided to go, other than that I think we wanted to see the trees and do some hiking.  We hiked Bill Williams Peak, another peak near Flagstaff … Continue reading

2011 Ski road trip img8 - Utah countryside in winter

4-day Road Trip to ski Deer Valley

Its just more fun to drive sometimes.  It takes about 12 hours to go from San Diego to Park City, UT.  We decided we would camp in the Mojave late Thurs night, and then keep driving on Friday.  We skiied … Continue reading

Fall 2008 road trip - Big Bend sunset

Southwest Fall Roadtrip, 2008

We got married.  And didn’t have more than $500 for a honeymoon.  So, what did we do?  We packed my Miata (40 miles/gallon), a tent, some cozy clothes, sun hats, and headed east from San Diego.  In all, we drove … Continue reading

Crater Lake trip - northern CA coast 2

Road Trip to Northern CA and OR

From Davis to the Redwoods, Shasta, Crater Lake, and back via Whiskeytown Lake. . Mt. Shasta . Crater Lake.  See more here – Crater Lake National Park . Northern California .  

Utha's canyons winter 2006 - snowy hillside

Winter Utah and Colorado Road Trip, 2006

Griff and I decided we wanted to see a lot of the parks in Utah, and go skiing in Colorado. 10 days and 3500 miles seemed quite doable.  Off we went! I had just had sinus surgery and my face … Continue reading

Road Trip Tetons 2005 - Chez and Tisha 2

Road Trip – the Grand Tetons and the west with Tisha, 2005

August 2005.  A time for fun in the west (and lots of heat in the deserts).   I drove solo from San Diego, CA to Jackson, WY all in one day – it took about 21 hours but with the … Continue reading

Move to California - the west

Road Trip: the move to California, spring 2005

It was time.  I had made a decision, flown to California to line up a job, my U-Haul was packed, and it was time to go.  I was so excited to be off towards new adventures, but very sad to … Continue reading

Florida 2005 - Chez and Will

Living out of my car 2004/2005

Summer 2004 for me was like when a kitten sees a box – its all play time from here on out.  I graduated from Bucknell that spring and turned down a job on Wall Street.  All of a sudden, the … Continue reading

NIagara Falls - the falls 2

Niagara Falls and Spring Skiing 2005

I took a job in San Diego, CA in early April 2005, due to start in May.  Before my “big move” across the country, it seemed wise to take one last east coast road trip.  I packed up my tent … Continue reading