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San Rafael Swell, Utah

The San Rafael Swell is a really neat area that happens to be bisected by Interstate 70, meaning lots of people get to see it even if they don’t realize what they are driving through. The San Rafael Swell, 2,000 … Continue reading

Valley of Fire - storm really on its way

Valley of Fire, Nevada

A quick trip through the Valley of Fire. A beautiful place, made even more amazing by the storm that decided to pay us a visit. Lots of good hiking here, as well as a campsite if you can get in … Continue reading

Ski trip 2013 28

The great west road and ski trip 2013

I left San Diego in a rush.  I had to get north to Griffin in Palmdale (where he was working), and continue onto Bridgeport, CA where we would spend the night, since Tahoe in one day was too long of … Continue reading

Chez got it, surfing

10 things to do in San Diego

Not saying these are the top 10, just that these are 10 things to do.  .. 1.  See the desert in the spring for the wildflowers. … *see more desert wildflowers here …  But don’t forget your sunscreen, your Mr … Continue reading

Mimulus bigelovii 1

Desert Wildflowers

Many of the deserts treasures can be seen from afar – a beautiful Joshua Tree, an Ocotillo in flower, even an agave reaching for the sky with bright yellow flowers.  But even more of the deserts best kept secrets are … Continue reading

Sedona and  Arizona, winter 2007 3

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Just a brief trip through the desert in March, 2007.  

Lake Tahoe snow storm 2007 3

Mountain snowstorms

Lots of snow! Lake Tahoe, winter 2007.

Great Basin 11

The Great Basin, Nevada

Anyone who says the Great Basin is a wasteland clearly hasn’t driven across it in the winter, with snow dusting the peaks.  This place is beautiful! Nevada is a big state, and the Great Basin takes up most of it. … Continue reading

CA coastline 2006 - 3

California coastline

Spring 2006 Fenton Peak – camping… to Palo Alto and back. Summer 2012 – Big Sur, etc

Zion winter 2006 sunset 2

Zion winter photos