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We have used a lot of gear.  And I mean a lot.  I would not say we are gear junkies, but, we kind of are.  Before a trip we usually find that there were several things we wished we had had on our last trip, so we go out and find them.   

This means we have tested numerous rain coats, sleeping bags, tents, ski boots, hiking boots, and so on.  Better yet, for about half the year, we are field biologists, so we test that gear really hard.  It gets beaten up.  

Alas, I am out of time at the moment, but the one new item you may have never heard of that I just need to mention here, is Gobi Gear’s packing organizer, the Hoboroll.  

Gobi Gear’s Hoboroll – the ultimate packing organizer

What is so great about this product?  Well unlike a traditional stuff sack, the Hoboroll opens on both ends, allowing me to get at my gear from either side.  But it gets better. The inside of the stuff-sack is partioned off into 5 slices, or segments, keeping everything in its place.  I put dirty socks in one comparment, and the clean items in another.  Headlamps and other small things can go into another, and there is still plenty of room left for sweaters, tees, pants, whatever you might bring.  Then, instead of up-heaving your backoack to find that sweater, its already right where you need it, and it doesn’t make a huge mess getting it out.  

You can buy them here: 

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