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Asia – our travels

Sept 22, 2009 we leave the USA. Our beginnings: This will be our first international trip together, other than Mexico and the Caribbean. We have planned a 2.5 month trip through Asia, tentatively visiting Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. … Continue reading

Good morning


Our goal in Nepal is to hike the Annapurna Circuit, which is roughly 100 miles of trail around the Annapurna Mountains.  The trail passes Manaslu,  Langtang Himal, Annapurna II and IV, Annapurna III and Gangapurna, and, of course, Annapurna I and … Continue reading



We had hoped to spend a couple weeks in Thailand relaxing and recovering after our trip to Nepal.  We also decided to ride elephants and even see some tigers. The beaches here turned out to be astoundingly beautiful.  The people … Continue reading


Vietnam has always sounded like an interesting place to visit.  It has a unique history of being a French colony once upon a time.  This was evidenced by the baguettes and french pastries often offered at breakfast. The food here … Continue reading


We were not sure what we were going to do in China, nor what to expect.  Everyone said it might be hard to get around, and the food might be bad, but I really wanted to see for myself. I … Continue reading

China  -  HK house 2

China. Back to Hong Kong

We awoke in our somewhat sketchy hotel after a lovely and thoroughly restful night. We checked out and found that our awesome Thai place was not open yet. So instead we took the public trolley to the Marriott, where our … Continue reading

China - back to Chengdu 5

China. 3 cities in 2 days – it is possible, but we ended up in a sketchy hotel as a result…

China Day 9: Bus back to Chengdu As we had a couple days ago, we awoke early for breakfast. This time, we ate at the Sheraton buffet (same as the night before), despite breakfast being free at our current hotel. … Continue reading

China - Jiuzaighou 23

China. Photography in Jiuzaighou National Park

China - Jiuzaighou 18

China. Getting to Jiuzaighou National Park

China Day 7: Bus to Jiuzaighou Aside from everyone smoking, another problem is that everything starts at 8am (tour buses, trains, etc), but our hostel did not start serving until 7am. Thinking this would be no problem, we got to … Continue reading

China - Guilin city 3

China. Guilin City and onto Chengdu

Guilin City After a rainy night we slept in a little bit and really enjoyed resting. Being cold makes getting out of bed tougher too. We had contemplated a Li River cruise, but seeing that the weather was still raw … Continue reading