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Alaska 2008 winter - drive north

Alaska in the winter – just as great as it sounds

You might be wondering why we would choose to go to Alaska in the winter, just a few days after the shortest day? Turns out, if you ask the locals, they prefer winter.  The rivers and northern bays are frozen … Continue reading

Aster sibircus

Alaskan Wildflowers

The wildflower display of Alaska is really spectacular.  With such a short growing and bloom season, it seems that everything pops at once!  Add that to the eternally long days, and it makes for some beautiful botanizing. Images from 2008.

Alaska summer 2008 - Denali 9

Alaska summer 2008

What happens when you visit Alaska on the longest day of the year?  Well, the sun doesn’t really set!  Lots of daylight for having fun.  It is 10pm in the first photo, and 2:30am in the second photo: Some wild … Continue reading