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Zion subway - 23

The Subway – Zion National Park

This is a rather long (appx 12-mile) through hike.  The trail takes you across windswept sandstone mesas, down into the canyon, and through cold and dark slots so tight and deep they require swimming, and eventually returning to the warmth … Continue reading

Zion winter 2006 sunset 2

Zion winter photos

Beautiful Shot of Zion Narrows

Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park

The Narrows refers to an 18-mile stretch of the Virgin River in Utah, within Zion National Park.  It is typically a 2-day hike with an overnight sleeping on the river bank about halfway. While 18 miles can be done in … Continue reading

Zion 2005 - Virgin River

Summer in Zion National Park

Nothing like a hot Utah summer and a beautiful riparian canyon to cool things off.  Zion is a paradise, with gentle breezes, a ton of hiking, and some just stunning canyons. To see our post on hiking The Subway, click … Continue reading

Utha's canyons winter 2006 - snowy hillside

Winter Utah and Colorado Road Trip, 2006

Griff and I decided we wanted to see a lot of the parks in Utah, and go skiing in Colorado. 10 days and 3500 miles seemed quite doable.  Off we went! I had just had sinus surgery and my face … Continue reading

Zion 2005 - fall foliage 5

Fall foliage in Zion National Park, Utah

Angel’s Landing: Expedition Point: Down to the Virgin River