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Chez got it, surfing

10 things to do in San Diego

Not saying these are the top 10, just that these are 10 things to do.  .. 1.  See the desert in the spring for the wildflowers. … *see more desert wildflowers here …  But don’t forget your sunscreen, your Mr … Continue reading

Lake Tahoe snow storm 2007 3

Mountain snowstorms

Lots of snow! Lake Tahoe, winter 2007.

Great Basin 11

The Great Basin, Nevada

Anyone who says the Great Basin is a wasteland clearly hasn’t driven across it in the winter, with snow dusting the peaks.  This place is beautiful! Nevada is a big state, and the Great Basin takes up most of it. … Continue reading

CA coastline 2006 - 3

California coastline

Spring 2006 Fenton Peak – camping… to Palo Alto and back. Summer 2012 – Big Sur, etc

winter camping 2006 - Lake Tahoe

Winter Camping

It can be done so many ways.  Usually, we are lazy and drive right up to the campsite in the snow and set up our tent.  Regardless, camping in the snow can be chilly and scary to some. . But … Continue reading

Tahoe 201205

Lake Tahoe summer hikes

rafting 2

Rafting in San Diego

What to do in the fall when its hot?  Go “rafting” down the “river”.  Its more like floating in a tube down a controlled stream, where the flow is determined by how much the reservoir decides to let off.  Regardless, there were … Continue reading

Alaska 2008 winter - drive north

Alaska in the winter – just as great as it sounds

You might be wondering why we would choose to go to Alaska in the winter, just a few days after the shortest day? Turns out, if you ask the locals, they prefer winter.  The rivers and northern bays are frozen … Continue reading

Alaska summer 2008 - Denali 9

Alaska summer 2008

What happens when you visit Alaska on the longest day of the year?  Well, the sun doesn’t really set!  Lots of daylight for having fun.  It is 10pm in the first photo, and 2:30am in the second photo: Some wild … Continue reading

Lake Tahoe Fall - 3

Fall in the mountains

Fall in Lake Tahoe Northern California Fall (even more north that Tahoe – yes, it exists.  About 350 miles of it too).