10 things to do in San Diego

Not saying these are the top 10, just that these are 10 things to do.


1.  See the desert in the spring for the wildflowers.

*see more desert wildflowers here

 But don’t forget your sunscreen, your Mr Serious face, or the world’s smallest walking stick.

2.  Check out the San Diego River when it floods

3. Surfing

4.  View the sunsets, and possibly a thunderstorm if you are lucky


Or perhaps catch the sunrise instead:

5. Go horseback riding


6. Go “Rafting”

Watch the video here.


7.  Host a holiday party

8.  Go out downtown with friends


9.  Check out the snow in the mountains (yep, it does snow here)

10.  Taking votes on what #10 should be…


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  1. Nikola says:

    Beautiful photos! I never considered horseback riding in San Diego, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun! From what I hear, there are plenty of great trails.

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