China. Back to Hong Kong

We awoke in our somewhat sketchy hotel after a lovely and thoroughly restful night. We checked out and found that our awesome Thai place was not open yet. So instead we took the public trolley to the Marriott, where our stuff was in storage, and grabbed some food nearby. Turns out the Marriott was booked, so we couldn’t stay there (bummer). Instead we stayed at the YWCA – overlooking the gardens, just a bit above the city. A good deal for a basic room. From here, it was off to shop the city and check out new areas we had yet to experience.

Later that night a family friend took us out for dinner at the FCC (Foreigners Commission Club) – members only!! It was a lovely meal, surrounded by international business men and women, all there for various reasons, such as eating, researching, working, and so on. Our family friend also have us the historical background of the FCC and the building – turns out the building was the original ice house for the city. It was a beautiful place and we really enjoyed our night.

It was a little later than expected once we got back to our room, so we called it a night and went to bed early.

Nov 19, 2009

As always for the last two months, we woke up (missed breakfast, not all that usual) and packed our bags, cleaned up, and checked out. Hong Kong has something called Airport Express – so the airport is actually about an hour or so away by subway/train, but in the center of downtown HK you can check in for your flight and check your luggage, up to 24 hours before you fly. Thus, still having all day to prowl the city or do whatever you need, without your bags or worrying about check in later. This really is a great idea.

We met Rob for lunch at a Thai place (to my delight of course!) and had one last, yummy meal in Asia. I was very, very sad to be leaving, especially Hong Kong, which Griff and I both love. But it was the end of the trip and time to go; my desire to be back home in the USA was growing every day. We finished our meals, walked with Rob back to his office, said our sad goodbyes, and headed to the Airport Express to check our bags.

From there, we only had a couple hours before we would need to get on the train to the airport. In those couple hours we walked around, a lot, and I, at the last minute, found the deal of a lifetime and bought myself a beautiful fur coat. Not sure how pleased Griffin was, but alas, he is a man, and they usually don’t understand these types of purchases anyway.

Once on the plane, our 12 hour ride back to the USA, he saw how happy and cozy I was in my coat, and I saw him give up an adorable smile. I knew he understood.

As the plane took off into the night to meet the rising sun only a few hours later, I sat with my emotions in turmoil, not knowing what to expect. This whole trip, as much as I did not want to give in to what everyone has been saying, really was, a trip of a lifetime.


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