Niagara Falls and Spring Skiing 2005

I took a job in San Diego, CA in early April 2005, due to start in May.  Before my “big move” across the country, it seemed wise to take one last east coast road trip.  I packed up my tent and swung up to Boston to pick up Tisha.  We headed off to Bucknell so I could say bye to my friends, and off we went to Niagara Falls and then across the VT for some spring skiing.

Just a quick stop at Bucknell to grab a bite of pizza and take a dip:

We then headed somewhere for a nice spring hike. Jealous that I had missed out on crystal waters at Bucknell, I took a dip:

  North to the grandest of falls! Did you know that if you tried to surf these falls, it would look something like this?

A quick drive from the falls to Vermont for some late April spring skiing.  Although it wasn’t a quick drive at all – rather, it takes about 8 hours to go from Niagara to VT.  Did. not. plan. for. that. At least we had some car yoga tricks and the “Doughnut Factory” to laugh about.  Oh and an awesomely messy car. More pics from the spring skiing trip here.

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