Costa Rica 2005 – surfing and less

This trip was really last minute and wedding-crashers style.  I was in Boston visiting Tisha and preparing to drive south to Florida.  It was Feb 2005.  Lots of snow.  Turns out the Meads (parents, Tisha and Fritz), were heading to Costa Rica in a few weeks. I had no shame and invited myself.  To my surprise, they actually said yes and let me tag along.  Sweet!  Now all I had to do was drive to Miami to catch my flight in a few weeks.

I arrived in Libera sometime after noon, having no idea what flight or when the Meads were due to arrive.  It had not occured to me in my 22-year old mind that those details might matter.  After sitting around for about 5 hours I started to wonder.  I also had no idea where in Costa Rica I was heading, and certainly not what hotel I would be sleeping in that night.  Whatever I had a book and was in la la land as usual.

A couple hours later the Meads arrived at the baggage claim – their flight had done an emergency landing somewhere in the states due to a peanut allergy, thus delaying them many hours.  No worries we were off to surfer’s paradise, also known as Tamarindo as I would soon learn.  Still couldn’t tell you the name of the hotel.

Fritz, Tisha and I got a room ourselves.  That was great, except that Tisha and I did not want the AC on but Fritz did.

“Well, that’s it then, the AC goes off” – states Aunt Tish at dinner
“What?! She’s not even supposta be here!” – Fritz

As for surfing, Tisha was not off to a great start, but Fritz sure was (he is wearing my rashguard by the way):


We might have done some surfing. Not much, maybe 8 hours every day.  In fact, I just wanted to “sit on my board” and stew… it took me about 30 seconds to make the decision that I was never going to work on Wall Street, I wanted to live where I could work and surf (or maybe surf for work), so I was moving to San Diego.  A huge life decision. Done. 30 seconds. Never thought twice… until I turned 30 but that’s another tale for another time.

And lots of goofing off

“Okay guys I have a really great idea… turn off all the lights” – Fritz
“Yea…” (lights off)
“Okay now turn them on!” – Fritz
Lights on – we see his ass. That’s it.
“Haha that was so funny, you guys saw my butt” – Fritz

We went horseback riding, but turned out Fritz was actually working hard for his new movie:

(it was his first time on a horse. Ever)

Last but not least, a day in the Mangroves (going to make a biologist out of at least one of us!)

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