Bucknell Visits, 2004/2005

During my own senior year at Bucknell University (2003/2004) I was actually a bit under the weather with some stomach friends I picked up while studying abroad in Kenya the year before.  I ended up missing out on (finally) being 21 and on a college campus.  No worries, I made up for it the next year, and spent time visiting friends who were now in their senior year.

The Bucknell Flood, Sept 2004

Hurricane Irene came up the coast and made a mess out of central PA.  This event has its own entry, found here.

Halloween at Bucknell, Oct 2004

A lime suit. A bunch of berries.  College parties.  We had fun.

Homecoming, Nov 2004


Griffin’s Fraternity Formal and pre-holidays, Dec 2004


Sledding 2005

My sledding video


Spring 2005


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