Kenya. Masai Mara

Off to the Mara! This is my favorite park in Kenya. It has grasslands that seem to go on forever, allowing for 360-degrees of great views. Not to mention lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and tons of bovine herds.

All full after a fresh Thompson’s gazelle kill, could this be the laziest moment ever?

Another epically lazy moment – lions at a fresh wildebeest kill.


This lion is not roaring, but actually was sniffing the ground and either did not like what he smelled, or is trying to get the smell deeper into his scent cavities (on the upper inside of cats mouths they have stronger scent receptors than their nose)

 Storms and sunsets are usually amazing in the Mara:

I’d say we are really getting used to this nice 5-star treatments. Although, the sounds from the river at night (just in front of our tent, see above), were usually rather disturbing. Baboons shrieking, elephants tooting, cape buffalo 5’ away and running, from who knows what!

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