New Zealand South Island Botany

The botanical wonders of New Zealand are exactly that – wonders.  Some of the plants here are just weird, but in their own beautiful way of course.  Many species are endemic to the islands, which makes it even more fun for someone like a botanist!

Plants are listed by family, with some “unknowns” at the end – if you know, please share!


Apiaceae Family

Aciphylla scott-thomsonii

Anisotome aromatica

Asplenidaceae Family

Asplenium bulbiferum

Asteraceae Family

Celmisia discolor                                                                Celmisia semicordata                                                                         Celmisia verbascifolia

Cotula pyrethrifolia                                                                                  Helichrysum bellidioides                                                                       Helichrysum bellidioides

Olearia aborescens

Olearia lacunosa

Phormium cookianum                                                                  Raoulia australis                                                Raoulia tenuicaulis

Campanulaceae Family

Wahlenbergia albomarginata

Caryophyllaceae Family

Stellaria gracilenta

Cunoniaceae Family

Weinmannia racemosa

Epacridaceae Family

Dracophyllum longifolium                                                     Dracophyllum menziesii                                            Dracophyllum muscoides

Leucopogon fraseri

Ericaceae Family

Gaultheria crassa

Iridaceae Family

Libertia pulchella

Liliaceae Family

Astelia fragrans


Lycopodiaceae Family

Lycopodium scariosum

Myrtaceae Family

Leptospermum scoparium                                                               Metrosideros umbellata

Onagraceae Family

Fuschia exorticata

Orchidiaceae Family

Earina mucronata                                                                      Earina mucronata                                                               Pterostylis banksii

Poaceae Family

Chinochloa rubra

Podocarpaceae Family

Phyllocladus aspleniifolius var. alpinus

Ranunculaceae Family

Clematis paniculata

Ranunculus hirtus                                                                   Ranunculus insignis                                                      Ranunculus lyallii

Rhamnaceae Family

Discaria toumatou

Rosaceae Family

Acaena glabra

Rubiaceae Family

Coprosma pseudocuneata

Scrophulariaceae Family

Euphrasia zelandica                                                        Mazus radicans

Hebe haastii                                                                                    Hebe odora                                                                 Hebe subalpina


Ourisia caespitosa var. caespitosa                                        Ourisia caespitosa var. gracilis

Ourisia macrocarpa var. macrocarpa                                           Ourisia macrophylla var. lactea

Pygmeae pulvinaris

Stylidiaceae Family

Phyllachne colensoi

Thymelaeaceae Family

Drapetes dieffenbachii                                                              Pimelia oreophila

Violaceae Family

Viola cunninghamii



Aciphylla sp, Apiaceae Family:

Apiaceae Family, unknown:

Liliaceae Family, Astelia sp?

Asteraceae Family, Celmisia sp.  Arthur’s Pass.

Epacridaceae Family;  Dracophyllum sp, dwarf-like species

Scrophulariaceae, Hebe sp, Nelson Lakes NP:


Asteraceae sp:


Yellow star flowers:

Found on Milford Sound Tramp, in a wet field:




Ranunculacceae Family, Ranunculus sp.  Nelson Lakes NP:

Thanks for looking everyone!

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7 Responses to New Zealand South Island Botany

  1. Karen D. Wilson says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of your postings from New Zealand and this one is fantastic. Thanks so much! And welcome back!

  2. Anne Cross says:

    Knowing more about keys and modulations in music than about botanical specimens, I would not have a clue about your plants. But how interesting and special is your work! Wish I could help.

  3. Jaime S. Sincioco says:

    Resourceful and innovative photographer who loves nature!!!

  4. Bob McClendon says:

    We were there in Jan. 2011 – just between major earthquakes!. Some rainy days but phenomenally pretty in Fjordland! When are you up for a ride @ Pendleton?

  5. zeenya says:

    i love plants and thes plants were so beautiful

  6. Fanie Venter says:

    Dracophyllum sp. dwarf-like species is:
    Dracophyllum marmoricola an endemic species to the Kahurangi National Park, North west Nelson, New Zealand.

  7. Fanie Venter says:

    May I have permission to use the Dracophyllum marmoricola images for a scientific article with the necessary credit to you as photographers.

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