Thailand to Vietnam

Last day in Thailand

I slept in late ‘til 9am, only to find Griff had been awake for a while reading.  There is something to be said about sleeping while someone else is awake next to you, a soothing calm which evokes feelings of safety and serenity, as if a guardian is watching over you.  It was indeed a great morning of not being awake for me.  

We hit the town for breakfast and a FedEx store.  Over $60 later we had a package with almost all the junk we purchased in this country heading home, and were off to the book store to trade in our Thailand Lonely Plant guide and other books we had finished reading, and picked up a new set.   

As it was our last day in Thailand, and we had grown so much to love the little garden restaurants and mango smoothies, I took some pics of our breakfast nook.  I also nabbed some pics of the street, although a sorry substitute for the liveliness of last night’s market. 



In the early afternoon we caught our flight back to Bangok, and did all the nonsense again – collected our bags from the AirAsia baggage, and went right back to the check in for our AirAsia flight to Vietnam.  

A few weeks before our trip I thought I would save us some time by arranging our Vietnam visas in advance, little did I know having the confirmation letter was the only way we were getting onto our flight out of Thailand to Vietnam.  So, good thing to plan ahead I suppose.  


We arrived in Vietnam with little excitement, except the old woman getting onto the plane who, once her roller suitcase had to be turn on its side and carried, could not lift her heavy bag and wrestled with it for about 10 minutes, causing a complete back up of people trying to get seated.  Finally Griffin and a flight attendant picked up the bag for her – which resulted in a bunch of squabbling in Vietnamese – and threw it into the overhead. 

The short flight landed us just after dark, we got our bags, and met our driver who took us to the Rising Dragon Hotel in Hanoi, nestled in the noisy Old Quarter.   By the time we checked in and started to search for dinner it was already after 10pm.   The hotel staff told us all restaurants had closed, but there was a authentic hole in the wall right down the street.  We went there and for $4 we had pho, beer, and water.  Pretty good!

Our hotel room smelled a bit musty, and the toilet gargled every now and then, but the room had only be US$25 so we were pleased. 

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