Winter skiing out west

We love to ski.  We do it as often as possible.  Sometimes we have lame years and don’t make it to the slopes at all.  But this blog is for the good times.


2013 – A great idea, and bad snow year.

Seven states and four ski resorts (down from the originally planned 8 resorts) was the look of our 2013 ski season.  We decided to drive, giving us freedom to roam and follow the snow.  It was a rather dry and warm winter, but that did not stop us from having a good time.  In all we skied Squaw, Alpine, Yellowstone, and Deer Valley.  For more on the road trip, click here.

2011 – Trip to Park City

Skiing with friends is always fun.  We took a 4-day weekend, drove to Utah, and made it happen. See more here.

2011 – Mt Baldy and Mountain High

We seemed to be on a “every other year” skiing thing, so why change that now? 2011 brought us back to Baldy for an epic 3′ of power!

Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows and Homewood, 2009

2009 was a good year.  We made it to 3 mountains.  I still held onto the idea of being “fashionable” while skiing, and we got 2 for 4 to open their eyes in the sunny photo below.

Mt Baldy:

Alyeska, 2008

Took a ski trip while in Alaska.  Rented some boots (worst decision ever) and skis (an okay decision), and skied on one of the shortest days all year (again, another bad decision).  The snow was fine and the mountain looked really fun, on the map.  It was so foggy you honestly could not tell if you were going up or downhill.  #vertigo.  Sorry, no pictures.  But Alaska is pretty in the winter – check it out here.

Winter 2007 – Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood

This winter involved being a graduate student at UC Davis, meaning only 2 hours to Lake Tahoe.  Griff and I got season passes (thanks to my parents for the awesome x-mas gift!) to Kirkwood that year, and spend almost every weekend skiing.

One such weekend might have involved friends flying all the way from San Diego to ski with me, only to complain about there being “too much powder”, calling it a day early to attempt getting out of the mountains to catch their Sunday night flight, and ending up in traffic for 13 hours.  Things digressed quickly.


Breckenridge, CO. March 2006.

Took the car from San Diego for this one too, on a very excellent and adventure filled road-trip around the west.  This time, however, we stayed in the coziest bed&breakfast in town.  That night I decided to teach Griffin a lesson.  He loved the game “20 questions”.  I hate this stupid game.  I agreed to play, and I got to choose the mystery.  I chose a person.   On guess 20 he figured it out – himself.  He was none too pleased.


Lake Tahoe Alpine Meadows, Feb 2006.

Took the car from San Diego for this trip as well.  Not just that, we took the tent.  We decided some winter camping was in order.  All in all, not so bad – save for frozen ski boots in the morning!!

Mammoth Mountain, CA.  Jan 2006.

Had to put these pics up to prove we have been here.  Once.  We arrived 2 days after a 9′ dumping – yes, 9′.  Well where is all that snow you may ask?  Sierra cement and southern desert sun turned 9′ of powder into an ice crust in those two days.  i.e., no access for the skis to the powder.  In fact, we saw one man eat it on a trail and slide, oh, maybe 500′?  It was an average day of skiing, but for $95, probably won’t be coming here again.


At least the sunsets were beautiful, and of course, we had a great time just being together outside.

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