Our 2010 trip to Africa and Dubai

Is no easy feat.

Travel across the world by plane

Our trip started early Wednesday morning, Oct 22, 2010, with a daunting set of long flights from San Diego. First to Atlanta (boring, not like we don’t fly across the US all the time), then to Amsterdam, and finally, on to Nairobi. Seems like we just did this nonsense a year ago for Asia…

So, at 7am (yes, that is 7 in the morning), what better way to start off the trip than with drinks at the bar! A new record for us both, we enjoyed wine, beer, and Griff even had a shot. All before 8am. Party on!

Okay but then things did get really, really great on the way to Amsterdam – my new found love in Zion while hiking the Virgin River (18-mile overnight trek) – was offered on the plane: Tillaminooks cheese!! Complete with wine, because, well, drinking all the way to Atlanta just wasn’t good enough. Bottoms up to the 10th straight hour of drinking.

An excellent $35 breakfast in Amsterdam. Refreshed and ready, we boarded our last plane for a while, destined for Nairobi, Kenya.

A small note: to those who did not know, I (Chez) visited Kenya in 2003, and lived there for 3.5 months, during a study abroad program. I fell in love with the county, and am truly thrilled to be going back, and to be bringing Griffin along for his first visit.

Our plan is to re-visit all of my favorite areas, plus hike two mountains, visit the coast, and a couple places that I have never been. When I lived there in 2003, the food was basic, showers cold – always cold, the toilets just “okay”, and beds rather minimal. We have been told that while on safari we will be in 5-star lodges, while on the mountains in tents and cabins, so this is going to be a really interesting experience for us both. Thanks for joining us!

Our blog begins here, at El Karama Lodge in Kenya.  Blog Post #1.

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